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Company Product & Service Description

1F/1G Senoko Crescent
Singapore 758289

Coffee at it best - this is the Kaffa Kaldi brand promised that we have been delivering to customers. Perfected by well-trained and dedicated coffee artisans, making coffee is a passion and an art at Kaffa Kaldi as all our coffee undergoes a stringent process from the selection and storing of coffee beans, to the roasting & grinding.

To add to the pleasure of serving a cuppa of joy or delicious
The bean hoppers and grinders are integrated into the machine. All the operator has to do is insert the empty portafilter and touch the display to select the desired beverage. The Schaerer Barista automatically grinds, doses and tamps. This process reliability ensures the consistent quality of the espresso, regardless of who is operating the machine. The easy handling, high espresso quality and elegant ...more