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Message from the President - Hospitality Purchasing Association (Singapore)

These two years will mark moments of reflection, rejuvenation and reinvention for the hospitality industry, supply chain and many other businesses.

Besides offering our congratulations, we are grateful and appreciate the team behind Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd on their commitment and dedication to publish AsiaHoreca 2020/2021 edition despite current challenges.

The human spirit has always demonstrated the thirst for knowledge and innovation. This again is exhibited by the resilience and agility of industries to adapt and change their core activities to produce and supply medical or protective equipment during this pandemic.

We also witness how governments around the world have shown solidarity to continually use reserves to keep economies afloat while maintaining a healthy and relevant workforce.

As with all past setbacks, history has shown how we take lessons learnt from predicaments unseen before to build and better our knowledge, experience and skills for the future.

I wish everyone, your families and loved ones many safe and healthy years ahead.

Alex Liau
Hospitality Purchasing Association (Singapore)