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Message from the President - Restaurant Association of Singapore

Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) is happy to support Asia HORECA and its efforts to create this directory.

I’m happy to introduce Singapore’s pioneer and largest F&B association. Founded in 1980, we are 450 members strong, representing 700 brands that operate approximately 3,600 outlets. Our 19-person management committee is a wholesome representation of Singapore’s F&B industry with a mix of industry veterans and experienced rising new faces.

Our association strives to unite Singapore’s F&B community via various networking events and has been bridging closer working relationships between businesses and government agencies. In order to advance the F&B industry, RAS has been conducting 5S programmes and workshops to drive productivity and operational efficiency.

RAS also continues to recognize individuals and establishments with awards such as the RAS Epicurean Star Award, Star Chef and the Excellent Service Award.

We invite interested F&B players to join us as members or contact us for any business collaboration opportunities.

On behalf of RAS, I wish you all great success and good health.

Vincent Tan
Restaurant Association of Singapore