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Pioneering the portioned coffee market, Nespresso embodies the luxury lifestyle values of quality, convenience and innovation and offers one of the most sophisticated espresso and coffee concepts ever ...more

Ting Tai Industrial Ltd
本公司成立於1997,自置廠房位於廣東省東莞市,專門製造各類濕紙巾及干紙巾的生產商。供應給香港大部份酒家、酒店、航空公司、超級市場、消毒產品行業、旅遊、醫院等。本司已獲得SGS認証公司發出的英國ISO9001 : 2008 專業管理體系認證証書,ISO22716 : 2007GMP 歐盟化妝品體系認證証書及美國 FDA GMP 化妝品體系認證証書。 ...more

Tak Hung Hong International Ltd
Founded in 1997, Tak Hung Hong International Limited (THH) is a leading importer and distributor in providing excellent quality with natural ingredient. All our premium products are from New Z ...more

Calford Seasonings Co Ltd
Calford Seasonings Co. Ltd, formerly known as Hong Fook Hong, was founded in Shanghai before 1953. Long established as one of the leading brand name in the product of herbs and spices, the 'Comfor ...more

EcoTunes Ltd
Eco Tunes Limited specialized in developing and producing Bio-Based tableware. With our 100% biodegradable product, our goal is to provide a clean alternative for disposable tableware on the market to ...more

Anglo-Swiss Trading Co (HK) Ltd
We are the specialist of hotel and catering supplies in hospitality markets since 1975. With extensive experience and knowledge of customers' requirements, we provide best services and high qualit ...more

Catering Depot Inc
Catering Depot is a one-stop resource providing a wealth of information on all types, brands and manufacturers of premium commercial catering equipment. We are the Asia's leading company for moder ...more

Tai Tai Pie Pie
Tai Tai Pie Pies is a Western style Bakery in Hong Kong founded in 2010 specializing in Sweet and Savory Pies and other baked goods.  Our handmade Artisanal products are only using the f ...more

Wanhenghong Equipment of Kitchen Ltd
澳門宏興行廚餐設備用品有限公司成立之今已近二十年,代理及批發銷售來自國內外各類型廚房設備、電器設備、冷藏冷凍雪櫃等;除了設備以外,我們同時提供國內外之餐廚生財工具與各類用品、用具,玻璃器皿及酒具、陶瓷製品、環保餐盒,一次性耗用品等。 ...more



鷗欣專業之選 - 此品牌的建立是致力於讓餐飲服務界的經營者們意識到,為顧客創造享受美食佳餚樂趣和氛圍的重要性。我們提供世界頂級品質玻璃產品組合和專業化服務。為不同類型的餐飲、不同的商家、不同的場合提供多樣的玻璃器皿選擇,同時創造獨特的風格和價值,滿足不同層次餐飲服務的需求。 ...more

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