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Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd
Unit 915, 9/F Star House 3 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2544 9238
Fax: (852) 2545 9238
Website: www.sabert.asia

Ms. Viola Chan
Mr. Joe Ha
Mr. Brian Chu

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Nature of Business

Sabert is a leading global manufacturer of innovative food packaging products and solutions. The company was founded in 1983 on a single mission: to enhance and advance the way people enjoy food. In Asia, we design, manufacture and distribute a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for food distributors, caterers, supermarkets, national restaurant chains and consumer entertaining purposes.
Using its proprietary Packaging Value Model™, Sabert combines deep insights about food lifecycles and consumer lifestyles, with fast and flexible production capabilities. Its industry-leading product designs encompass all five areas of innovative packaging: Performance, Presentation, Safety, Sustainability, and Economics. Learn more at www.sabert.asia


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Products & Services
Sabert Sustainable Solutions - Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd Sabert Sustainable Solutions

Sabert pulp products are made from renewable plant material (such as bagasse which is by-product of sugar cane processing). It is environmental friendly and food safe.
Sabert’s sustainable products have a breadth of to-go solutions to meet the unique needs of food service providers and end users, and capable of withstanding temperatures of between -20℃ and +250℃. Our freezing to heating pulp products ...more
Sabert Chilled Food Solutions - Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd Sabert Chilled Food Solutions

Saber design and manufacture our cold packaging with customers in mind, using advanced thermoforming technology to meet rigorous demands of today’s marketplace. The products are easy to stack and come with a tight-fitting lid. Let us explore the range of chilled and fresh solutions!
Sabert Premium Tableware Solutions - Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd Sabert Premium Tableware Solutions

Sabert premium tableware collection is a comprehensive range of disposable tableware that makes the perfect addition to any occasion. Our premium tableware collection offers complete solutions: plates, bowls, platters, utensils both big and small, appetizers... which allow you to make the most of your table and your cooking.
Sabert Cutlery & Cutlery Kits - Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd Sabert Cutlery & Cutlery Kits

Sabert disposable cutleries with different shapes and size of products can suit your specific needs of food service, party & festival occasion. From formal to casual, our spectrum of cutlery options provides the perfect balance of practicality and quality.
The “silver” metallized effect products are an ideal alternative to classic tableware. The impression is totally convincing. Let us start to choose ...more
 Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd
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