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Message from the President - Hong Kong Chefs Association

Dear Culinary Friends, Hong Kong Chefs Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve, develop, and promote the chef profession, with a Young Chefs arm focuses on the next generation chef community. We organize industry networking events and members’ activities to facilitate networking and sharing among culinarians; we lead chef workshops to accelerate pro ...more

Message from the President - China Hong Kong Bartenders Association

On behalf of the China Hong Kong Bartenders Association, a steadily growing membership association in Asia to improve the service standards and create new opportunities in bartending, I am proud to demonstrate our continued support to Asia HORECA. Over the years, Asia HORECA has provided tremendously helpful resources, information and opportunities for bartending and hospital ...more

Message from the President - Hong Kong Wine Chamber of Commerce

歷了七個寒暑,香港葡萄酒商會自成立以來,一直致力團結業界,為行業發展獻策,為會員權益出心出力,也為了香港各介企業創造更多營商機會。 過去這幾年,執委會及理事會不懈的努下,讓本會的服務不段提升,並得到了社會各界的廣泛關注和讚譽。 去年適逢香港特區回歸祖國二十週年之遇,香港葡萄酒商會積極參與了特區政府及各界社團舉辦的活動,其中特區政府駐內地各省市的經貿辦公室及聯絡處在當地舉辦的回歸二十週年的活動,香港葡萄酒商會動員本地企業遠渡當地參予支持,贊助酒水,並大力宣傳香港葡萄酒產業。實踐了愛國愛港精神。 此外,本會積極舉辦交流及考察活動,去年曾兩度與香港貿易發展局合作組織香港葡萄酒企業團,分別到意大利與及西安考察,跟內地以及國際的同行緊密聯繫。我們將及時把握「一帶一路」,「粵港澳大灣區」等重大機遇,為企業尋求更廣闊的發展機會。 ...more

Message from the President - Singapore Chefs’ Association

The hospitality industry at large has always been abuzz with many service providers in the buyer & seller segment. AsiaHoreca stands out among some of the more comprehensive entities. Referencing from past issues of AsiaHoreca, its 2018/2019 release not only fulfils its purpose but will surpass it with many values added. Wishing you a fruitful year ahead. ...more

Message from the President - Restaurant Association of Singapore

The Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) is the main representative body for the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Singapore. Our members comprise a good mix of business models such as restaurants, caterers, fast foods and food courts, with various cuisine types, thus providing a whole range of views and opinions, with the common goal to propel the industry forward. ...more

Message from the President - Hospitality Purchasing Association (Singapore)

The Hospitality Purchasing Association (Singapore) would like to congratulate AsiaHoreca on its latest 2018/2019 edition. The objectives of the Association are to foster and promote the professionalism, development and application of hospitality purchasing in all aspects including sourcing, buying, store management, inventory control, and facilities management through ...more

Message from the President - Thai Hotels Association

The consequence of continuous growth in tourism industry as well as the great demand in Thai cuisine across the globe causes tourism, hotel and restaurant business both domestically and internationally needing a large number of chefs from Thailand to join their teams. Many hotel and restaurant business in oversea countries are willing to offer tempted salary for experienced a ...more

Message from the President - Thailand Chefs Association

The demand in Thai Chefs for the hotels and restaurants across the globe has still been the top choice similar to the past years. This derived from the growth of tourism, hotel and restaurant business around the world that has tried so hard to create selling point and competitive strength. One of important elements is the capability of chefs that can professionally invent and ...more

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