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Message from the President - Hong Kong Chefs Association

With Chinese New Year behind us, we now have time to breathe and look ahead. I trust that most of us were busy during this festive season and now it’s back to business as usual. This is my last President’s Message as I will resign at the AGM this April and our next President will be elected. I’d like to extend a big thank you to all of you who make up the committee and ...more

Message from the President - China Hong Kong Bartenders Association

On behalf of the China Hong Kong Bartenders Association, a steadily growing membership association in Asia to improve the service standards and create new opportunities in bartending, I am proud to demonstrate our continued support to Asia HORECA. Over the years, Asia HORECA has provided tremendously helpful resources, information and opportunities for bartending and hospital ...more

Message from the President - Hong Kong Wine Chamber of Commerce

飲品玻璃樽徵費政策立法的諮詢過程,香港葡萄酒商會一直與業界及政府緊密溝通,先後兩次作出向業界問卷調查,並且舉行研討會,讓業界向環境局提出意見,並且 ...more

Message from the President - Food and Beverage Managers’ Association

The Food and Beverage Management Association (FBMA) is pleased to endorse the publication of the 12th edition of Asia HORECA. The FMBA aims at providing strong networking opportunities, as well as exchanging valuable knowledge and information, in order to promote the highest professional standards of management, education and recruitment in the hospitality industry for the ...more

Message from the President - Singapore Chefs Association

The year 2015 proved to be a one of abundance for us as our Pastry Alliance teams achieved top-place finishes in competitions. Early this year our pastry team accomplished good results at the World Gelato Cup in Italy and the International Confectionery Art Competition in France. Our Singapore Junior Chefs Club (SJCC) junior chefs’ performances for the past year have been ste ...more

Message from the President - Restaurant Association of Singapore

As the pioneer and largest food and beverage (F&B) association in Singapore, the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has a holistic representation of one-third of  the F&B industry, including full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, cafés, bistros, gastropubs, caterers, food suppliers and many other food-related organisations and individuals, among our membe ...more

Message from the President - Hospitality Purchasing Association (Singapore)

The Hospitality Purchasing Association Singapore (HPA) serves as a networking channel between purchasing professionals, suppliers as well as other hospitality counterparts. The HPA prides itself in the building of a strong relationship between members and the industry players. The Association continually strives to organise more educational events and activities to enhanc ...more

Message from the President - Thai Hotels Association

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) may give more challenges or opportunities to Thai food industry deriving from more investing freedoms, while import tax exemption in early 2015 and logistics system development in ASEAN countries may convince the great number of establishments to move to other countries in ASEAN such as Myanmar that has boasted to become agricultural and fishery ...more

Message from the President - Thailand Chefs Association

Culinary welcome all, on behalf of Thailand Chefs Association, we are delighted and grateful for all dedications from private sector and all stakeholders to drive Thailand’s food industry to the world’s recognition. As chefs, we are delighted with the growing interest in Thai food. It has given our membership, which comprises mainly of Thai nationals working in hotels, cookin ...more

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