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Message from the President - Thailand Chefs Association

The demand in Thai Chefs for the hotels and restaurants across the globe has still been the top choice similar to the past years. This derived from the growth of tourism, hotel and restaurant business around the world that has tried so hard to create selling point and competitive strength. One of important elements is the capability of chefs that can professionally invent and adapt as well as cook variety of foods with gastronomic tastes, and unique style.

In addition to the year 2016, hotel and restaurant business in Thailand continually gained good growth, while Thai cuisine has still conquered the world trend. This can be proved from the world’s popular food ranking each year, which Thai cuisine has always been ranked as the world’s top cuisines.

Thailand Chefs Association has realized in this potential, and always sought for the way to support Thai Chefs as well as push forward them to achieve the world class standard. Each year Thailand Chefs Association joins hands with UBM BES Co., Ltd. to organize Thailand’s International Culinary Cup (TICC). This competition always proves the development and capability of Thai Chefs that has been increasing every year. Today Thai Chefs make great recognition to the world stage, which greatly benefits the reputation of the country, Thai tourism, and Thai food industry, as well as turns Thailand into the major destination of travelers around the world.

On behalf of Thailand Chefs Association, we are delighted and grateful for all dedications from private sector and all stakeholders to drive Thailand’s food industry to the world’s recognition. As chefs, we are delighted with the growing interest in Thai food. It has given our membership, which comprises mainly of Thai nationals working in hotels, cooking schools, restaurants and catering establishments, renewed vigor in developing our passion and honing our skills, so that we can play our part in making Thailand the destination of choice for visitors.

Chef Somsak Rarongkum
Thailand Chefs Association