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Message from the President - Thai Hotels Association

The consequence of continuous growth in tourism industry as well as the great demand in Thai cuisine across the globe causes tourism, hotel and restaurant business both domestically and internationally needing a large number of chefs from Thailand to join their teams. Many hotel and restaurant business in oversea countries are willing to offer tempted salary for experienced and skillful Thai chefs as high as 60,000 – 70,000 baht per month. This causes severe deficiency of executive chefs who will work in hotel’s kitchen.

We have realized that Thai Chef’s Association making the great effort to solve this problem through the arrangement of Thailand’s International Culinary Cup (TICC) in the hope to develop the proficiency and skill of Thai Chef to reach international standard as well as serve the demand of Thai Chef in the market both domestically and internationally. However, what we want to see is the government and all stakeholders joining hands to produce more manpower in this profession as well as designate the model scheme for sustainable development of Thai cuisine since earlier Thailand’s food promotion policy is lack of continuity. Besides, government should get involve to establish more academies to train new generation chefs, which this can be started by conducting either training course or curriculum for vocational students in order to produce a large number of new generation chefs to serve the market in the future.

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Ms. Supawan Tanomkieatipume
Thai Hotels Association